Soft Tacos: They aren't just for breakfast anymore!

Meowsion ImPAWSible at GGJ 2014


Play Meowsion ImPAWSible v 0.1

Play Meowsion ImPAWSible v 0.2

Play Meowsion ImPAWSible v 0.3

Play Meowsion ImPAWSible v 0.4

Have a drink from your Sota Pitcher with your soft tacos! While you play the Rockem Lego Minecraft Mashup from the 2013 Global Game Jam, or Ouro vs the World from the GGJ2012.


Convergence 2013 Panoramic Photos


Dance, soft taco dance!

Philosophical Question for the future ages: On Star Trek: The Next Generation, why doesn't anyone order a soft taco with a food replicator? Why always earl grey tea and chocolate sundaes?

Defiance Voltan Species Inspirations

  • Castithan – Tolkien Elves (cast conscious)
  • Irathient – Cat People (defiant)
  • Indogene – Trek brain people (gene)
  • Liberata – WoW Dwarves or Gnomes (little liberals?)
  • Sensoth – Wookies (sense based)
  • Gulanee - ? (energy)
  • Volge – Orcs? (vulgar)
  • The eighth race (season 2?)

    Est. 4/29/13